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This page is being constructed. It is  the starting point of a section of the site which includes the history of the Parish and area and our links with St James', Derwent which was flooded under the waters of the Ladybower Reservoir. 

Click this link  here  for  A History of the Church at Derwent from Martin Hulbert's history of St Cyprian's

The first St Cyprian's Church in Frecheville (on the site, now occupied by the Rectory)  was a wooden prefabricated building which was erected in 1934 where the Rectory Garage now stands. It was dedicated on St. Lucy's Day 1934 as Henry Boot was building the first part of the Frecheville Estate. It was replaced by the present brick building which was consecrated on the Eve of Pentecost 1952. We hope to completed the History section of this page within the next month or so. If all goes according to plan, this page will link with the text of Martin Hulbert's The story of St Cyprian's (published to commemorate the Silver Jubilee) and pictures of an updated history of the Church, Parish and area planned for publication towards the end of the year.

We hope to include a selection of pictures etc. illustrating the Parish's History and including significant events and people.

Summer Camps  For a number of years, St Cyprian's ran camps for local children during the Summer Holidays. One of those children who has happy memories of these camps has set up a website to tell their story, together with pictures, documents  etc. from those days. To visit it, click this link http://communities.msn.co.uk/StCypriansFrechevilleChurchCamps  NB: This will take you away from this website

We believe that the local community is important. We are a Church of England Parish and believe we should have a concern for all the people who live in our Parish, whether they come to Church or not. Because of this, we intend that this section will include hyperlinks to other local and community organisations, the Diocese of Sheffield website (http://www.sheffield.anglican.org) and other sites of interest.



Last modified: August 25, 2002